Last Chance Camp

Established 1946

This is yet another attempt to create a website for the LCC. It is a work in progress, and any suggestions or contributions can be e-mailed to me.

The Last Chance Camp is located in the middle of over 10,000 acres of state managed forest in beautiful upstate New York.

This summer Kip Pangman and I decided to try to get a fresh coat of paint on the camp. I have included some pictures of the process, as well as a couple of others. To see a larger image, simply click on the photo.

As you can see from this photo, taken in November of '05 at the camp meeting, the place was getting a bit weather-worn.

Here is a shot of those who attended the meeting. Looks like a wanted poster!

On Saturday July 15, Kip and I got started. This shot is after we had scraped the front, got some primer on, and put some of the red paint on to get an idea of how close we came to matching the old color.

Needless to say...shortly thereafter it began to rain, putting the preverbial "damper" on the day's work detail.

Here is a view west from camp after the rain ended.

Nice shot of one of the rain-soaked lillies out front.

By the time we left Sunday afternoon, the front was completely painted, as was some trim on the west side. I was able to come back that Monday and Tuesday for some more. I got all the trim finished before it was time to head back to "civilization". The rest would have to wait until who knows when...

...which just happened to be the following Sunday - July 23. I managed to get back up, and was greeted with a sunny but cool afternoon. This time I got most of the west side painted - the "new" shutter, and the siding down to the wire fence. I didn't get the fence taken off, as I wasn't sure that I would have time to paint and put it back up. The following photos were taken from various views after I finished.

Check back for updates, but don't be surprised if it takes me a while to get to this...

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